Vacation Home Rental Agency

When you finally get time to go on vacation you’ll want to make sure every element is perfect. This includes finding the perfect vacation rental so you can truly unwind and enjoy your vacation. Trying to find a vacation rental on your own can be a very time consuming process.

After all, you’ll have to locate the perfect property, get in touch with the owners, sign the paperwork, and hope that you’ve picked the right place for your visit.

Working with our agency will ensure the entire process runs and smoothly, and you’re left with the perfect property to enjoy during your stay.

Why Work With A Vacation Home Rental Agency?

When you’re renting through a single person you never really know what to expect. Oftentimes their property hasn’t been vetted and you can get in a situation that’s over your head.

Only by working through a vacation home rental agency can you ensure your stay at your vacation home can go off without a hitch.

Not only will we find you the best deal, but we’ll find you the perfect property for you and your family. There’s nothing quite like coming home to the perfect place after a long day of fun vacation activities.

Vacation Home Rental Company Benefits

Going on vacation should be about relieving your stress, not adding to it. Finding the perfect property is a time consuming process and can be very stressful on top of planning everything else for your vacation. By working with us you’ll be staying in the perfect property without any added effort on your part.

Less time invested in the property search
Finding a property takes time, and it’s not a decision you’ll want to rush. We’ll meet with you to uncover your needs before we begin the vacation rental process for you. During this discovery process we’ll take the necessary time to really get inside your head, so we can find the perfect property for you.

The perfect property for you and your family
We have years of experience in the home discovery process — this allows us to cut through the multitude of listings out there to find your dream vacation property. You’d hate to have a property that ends up being more hassle than a relaxing time.

High quality properties only
We take the risk out of renting a vacation home. When renting on your own you run the risk of renting a property that’s very low quality. We’ve heard horror stories from our clients in the past, and we’d hate for the same thing to happen to you.

Most Common Vacation Rental Property Types

When you’re looking for a vacation home rental it can be helpful to know what styles of rentals are available. Of course, what you choose will depend on your family size, budget and a host of other factors, but it can be helpful to know the most common rental types.

  • Luxury condos
  • Entire homes
  • Cottages
  • Suites
  • Penthouses
  • Entire estates
  • Villas

Buckingham Luxury Vacation Rentals is the premier vacation home rental agency in the Lake Tahoe area. When searching for the perfect rental agency for your weekend getaway or vacation we hope you consider our services.