Property Management Services

As a South Lake Tahoe property management  company our job is to handle all the management, marketing, guest services and upkeep of our contracted homes. Below are the services that we consider standard. We are always flexible with the needs of our owners, and will do as much or as little as owners desire.  And we do it all from our conveniently located corporate headquarters in the Raley’s/Village Center, located in the heart of South Lake Tahoe.

Services Overview

  • Cleaning standards that border on obsessive
  • In-house 24/7 quick response Action Team for emergencies
  • Human-to-human phone service around the clock — no recordings
  • Rigid screening process so you only rent to the best of the best
  • Personal caretaker for each home
  • Access to curated collection of Concierge Services
  • Our managed properties are all on the South and East Shore, so we can remain personally acquainted with them
  • Prime selection of Lakefront Homes

Property Management

  • Cleaning and Inspections: Each of our Buckingham homes is assigned a specific caretaker. We do not contract out cleaning to other companies, as we have found that our caretakers take more pride in their work and treat the property as if it was their own. Each caretaker knows their properties inside and out, thus being able to report even the smallest of damages to our office immediately. After each reservation, homes are inspected and any damages reported immediately.
  • Property Maintenance: Buckingham has an in-house maintenance team available seven days a week. Being a long established company in South Lake Tahoe, we have established relationships with the best vendors in town. Having both options enables us to keep maintenance costs down, and tasks completed in a timely manner and up to our high quality standards.
  • Permits and Taxes: With our experience, comes the knowledge needed to navigate vacation rental permits and taxes and new ordinances. We provide owners with the tools needed to get their property ready as a vacation rental complying with any new standards and ordinances. Our staff is available to answer any questions and assist in any way that makes the process easier for our homeowners.

Marketing Strategies

  • Quality Listings: With our extensive experience, we effectively price homes to be competitive in the rental market. We employ yield management pricing strategies to create the maximum rental potential for each home. We know the importance of quality high-resolution photos and detailed property descriptions to accurately sell each home. By collecting reviews of each home, future renters can book the home with confidence.
  • Distribution Channels: We partner with the leading distribution channels for greater exposure that leads to higher occupancy rates. Data collected from within Buckingham is used in conjunction with recent data and trends in the industry. With this information we apply superior marketing techniques through multiple channels to compete with the ever-evolving market.
  • Exposure: We use technology to our advantage to market our homes, such as with our guest mobile app. We employ marketing campaigns on multiple channels including social media, blogging, traditional marketing and email marketing. Our website is eye-catching and easy to use and make bookings.

Guest Services

  • Screening: Our reservation staff does not work on commission, which is not common in the vacation rental industry. It allows our reservation team to take the time to screen each guest without the pressure of making a reservation just for the revenue. If we feel that a group will not comply with our terms, we will refer them elsewhere.
  • Easy Booking: Guests can easily book online, over the phone or through email. Guests are emailed a contract of rental terms that they initial, sign and return to Buckingham. We collect all payments including security deposits. We accept multiple forms of payment including checks, money orders and credit cards.
  • Accessibility: Guests have many avenues in which to correspond with our agents throughout the booking process and during their reservation. This includes phone, email, social media, live-chat on our website, and through our own phone app. While the guest is staying in a Buckingham property, they can reach us 24/7 for any emergencies through our answering service and on-call staff.


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