Kayaking in Spring | Lake Tahoe

Benefits in Lake Tahoe During the Off-Season

Most tourists are only familiar with Lake Tahoe’s two most popular seasons to visit: winter and summer.  With multiple ski resorts around the basin, breathtaking snowy mountain views, numerous snow activities for the whole family during the winter months, and endless outdoor activities, to warm sunny days, water sports, and beaches during the summer, it’s easy to see why these are our most popular seasons for visitors. But did you know that spring and autumn are gorgeous times to vacation as well?

A little known secret: visitors can take advantage of many benefits in Lake Tahoe during the off-season months!

Off-Season Rates

Many vacation rental companies and hotels offer reduced nightly rates during the spring and fall.  Here at Buckingham Properties, our rates are lowered from the beginning of April to mid-June, and again in the fall from Labor Day all the way through mid-December.  This is a great way to have a last minute family weekend getaway, or gather a group of friends for an impromptu trip to the mountains!

Mild Temperatures

Spring Hiking | Emerald Bay

Hiking in Emerald Bay

During the spring months, the harsh snow storms have usually subsided giving way to some warmer sunny days; you will still find a few light rain storms or snow flurries, but for the most part, the temperatures and weather are quite mild.  The fall off-season really begins during the end of the summer season, just after Labor Day.  The benefit of this time of year, is our beautifully warm summer days typically last right up through the end of September, followed by cooler sunny days and some light rains during October and November.  And if fall colors are something you enjoy, Lake Tahoe (and its surrounding areas) is filled with aspen trees, which turn spectacular fire colors of yellow, tangerine orange, and bright red during the first few weeks of October.  These beautiful months during the off-season boast the perfect conditions for many different outdoor activities: hiking, biking, mountain biking, boating, kayaking, fishing, standup paddleboarding, sightseeing, and much more!

Less Crowds!

Camp Richardson | The Beacon Bar & Grill

Lakefront Dining at the Beacon at Camp Richardson Resort

Probably the most enjoyable benefit of the off-season would, without a doubt, be the reduced amount of crowds.  From restaurants, outdoor activities, tourist attractions, to beaches, you’ll be sure to pretty much have the town to yourself — especially mid-week.  Some places I would recommend visiting during the slower months would be the Camp Richardson Resort, namely their restaurant The Beacon Bar & Grill; hiking trails near Emerald Bay and general sightseeing around Emerald Bay; and the Shops at Heavenly Village and restaurants by the Stateline casinos.


Spring Waterfalls | Lake Tahoe

Glen Eagles Falls in Lake Tahoe

When our heavy snow pack melts after each winter, we are blessed with some spectacular waterfalls around the basin.  Some of the best waterfalls can be found around the Emerald Bay and Fallen Leaf Lake areas.

So what are you waiting for? Book your South Lake Tahoe vacation rental today and take advantage of all Lake Tahoe has to offer during the off-season!

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