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Seasonal Changes in South Lake Tahoe

As we welcomed the first week of fall, Lake Tahoe was also greeted by another surprise, SNOW! The South Shore has already received a glimpse of what could be in store for the upcoming 2017/2018 winter season. Before South Lake Tahoe becomes a winter wonderland, gather your friends and family, grab your hiking gear (or hop in your car!) and absorb the breath-taking fall foliage that surrounds South Lake Tahoe right before your eyes!


As the summer season fades, shades of red, yellow and orange ignite the South Shore as the leaves glisten across the mountains and the weather gets cooler and cooler each night. Although beautiful year-round, seeing and experiencing these magnificent seasonal transitions in Lake Tahoe is a must. Fall is perhaps the best time of the year to visit South Lake Tahoe. Why? Nature is at its prime, offering an array of vibrant colors amidst the Sierra Mountains which is perfect for outdoor activities. Not to mention, the chaos of the summer crowds has simmered down and the town is finally quiet from all the hustle and bustle that came with the summer season.


So, where exactly are the picture-perfect places to view these stunning fall changes? Whether you decide to hike or take a drive around the lake, there are numerous places to view the beautiful fall foliage. However, the Buckingham Team put together a few favorite places to view Lake Tahoe’s fall foliage.


  1. One of the most gorgeous places to see fall foliage in all its magnificence is Hope Valley. Hope Valley is south of South Lake Tahoe and Meyers. Also, Sorensen’s Resort is a great place to grab lunch then take a stroll among the aspen trees.


  1. Zephyr Cove is another great place for viewing the beautiful fall colors in Lake Tahoe. Sit back, relax and absorb the vibrant fall colors right on the sandy shores of Lake Tahoe.


  1. Markleeville is a small town located approximately 30 miles from South Lake Tahoe and makes an amazing day drive for all. The aspen trees in Markleeville grow alongside various creeks which enriches the lively fall colors.


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