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Hiking Trails in Lake Tahoe

Resting beneath several feet of snow is a magical world, waiting to emerge and uncover the beautiful new life that has been hidden in the depth of winter’s past. It’s hard to imagine that soon enough, the white, snow-covered mountain tops will no longer be the reflection painted across the glassy waters of Lake Tahoe. As winter fades into the distance and the days grow warmer, the wonders of nature are ever so slightly revealed.

Nature’s binding force illuminates South Lake Tahoe’s surroundings with an array of new life, light and color. The intoxicating aroma of wild flowers heightens your senses as the summer season draws near. The once frozen waterfalls are on the edge of eruption as the ice breaks away. The soon-to-be rushing cascades will flow down the steep mountain, enriching the surrounding surfaces along its path.

What better way to observe this astonishing transition than to witness the beauty of nature in awe, right before your eyes? It’s time to put away your winter gear and hit the hiking trails! Absorb the breath-taking scenery as you make your way along Pyramid Creek to see the spectacular Horsetail Falls. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled so not to miss the wildlife lingering amidst the Desolation Wilderness. The sounds of the rushing water act as a natural tour guide while you take on the exhilarating three-mile journey up the mountain.

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