South Lake Tahoe Lakefront Homes

Most people are familiar with the beauty and charms of Lake Tahoe, but even if you’ve gone before you haven’t truly experienced Tahoe until you’ve done it from your own lakefront vacation rental. The experience is fundamentally different—and better—than doing Tahoe from a crowded ski lodge or a distant cabin. With a South Lake Tahoe lakefront vacation rental, the lake is literally your backyard and you can step out on deck, get a refreshing blast of mountain air, and gaze at the emerald waters in all their beauty without having to share or compromise. It’s a truly unique and luxurious experience, and those who have done it say they could never go back.

South Lake Tahoe is the Place to be!
Truthfully it’s difficult to go wrong anywhere in the Tahoe area, but South Lake Tahoe has quickly established itself as the place to get the best Tahoe experience. It truly offers the best of both worlds: solitude and alpine tranquility for those looking to get off the grid, and exciting diversions for those who want to have a little fun on their vacation. The town is appropriately mid-sized: about 20,000 people. Enough to offer high-quality facilities, but never so much as to feel crowded. And with a South Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental, you’ll never run out of things to do. There are half a dozen ski resorts for the winter sports enthusiasts, scenic hiking trails for the outdoors-y types, and fun family activities like mountain biking and kayaking to keep the kids happy. Unwind after it all with a bit of pampering at one of the many spas. Also, unlike other areas of Tahoe, South Lake Tahoe doesn’t shut down at 8pm. It boasts a plethora of bars and clubs to keep you occupied until the wee hours of the morning. It also straddles the Nevada border, so the bright lights and excitement of world-class casinos are never far away.

In short, a lakefront vacation rental allows you to make whatever you want to of your trip. Do everything, or, do nothing. Sit on your porch with a book and a drink, a panorama of conifers and aquamarine water unfolding in front of you. Whatever you do, you can relax knowing that you’re doing it in the best possible way with a South Lake Tahoe lakefront vacation rental.