Snowmobiling in South Lake Tahoe

Snowmobiling in Lake Tahoe | Buckingham Luxury Vacation Rentals Lake Tahoe

With over 300 inches of snow in January, Tahoe locals and visitors are enjoying all our winter activities! In addition to skiing and snowboarding, there are many activities to enjoy while visiting South Lake Tahoe in the winter. One of the most popular, is seeing our beautiful environment while cruising around on a snowmobile. If you have never been on a snowmobile, South Lake Tahoe is a great spot to try it for the first time! Enjoy views of our stunning mountain ranges, and sometimes even of Lake Tahoe!

Enjoy Stunning Views

Snowmobiling in Lake Tahoe | Buckingham Luxury Vacation Rentals Lake TahoeWhere ever you take your snowmobile ride, you are guaranteed to have exceptional views. You will enjoy views of snow covered valleys, Lake Tahoe with the surrounding mountains and views of the Sierra Mountain Range. If you ride with Zephyr Cove Snowmobile Tours, you will enjoy breathtaking lake views while on  your ride. If you choose to go ride in Hope Valley with Lake Tahoe Adventures, you will be in awe of the surrounding Sierra Mountains.  No matter the ride that you choose, short or long, don’t forget to bring a camera. Both operations will have stops on the ride for you to take that perfect picture!

Dress Appropriately

While outside enjoying the snow you always want to dress appropriately! You are going to want to wear full snow gear so as not to end up cold and wet, trust us. Make sure you layer under your waterproof outer layers so you are warm enough once you start moving on the snowmobile. Winter boots that are waterproof and sturdy are also a must, and gloves and a helmet. Both Zephyr Cove Snowmobile Tours and Lake Tahoe Adventures (below) have DOT-certified helmets that are included with your ride. Both companies also offer clothing rentals if you don’t have your own boots, gloves or snow gear. Just ask them when you book your ride. Always check the weather on the day of your ride!

Zephyr Cove Snowmobile Tours

With over 45 miles of trails, and multiple ride options, you are sure to find the ride that will suit your group. This experienced company has over 100 snowmobiles and multiple tour options. The Scenic Lake View Tour is two hours, and starts from Zephyr Cove. Riders will glide through trees, and gaze at the gorgeous views. Offered daily in the morning, at noon and also in the afternoon this is a great ride for everyone. The “Let’s Ride!” Tour is also two hours and focused more on riding with less ‘photo-op’ stops. Their Ultimate Experience Tour takes you in to the back-country where you can get powder turns, trail riding and hill climbing. They also offer private group tours, and on Wednesdays kids ages 15 or younger can ride free with an adult.

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Lake Tahoe Adventures

This company offers rides with experienced guides through scenic Hope Valley. Hope Valley is just a short drive from South Lake Tahoe, and offers wonderful recreation opportunities in every season. The Valley Tour is great for beginners and offers views of the Sierra Crest, and is only 1 hour in duration. The 2 hour Summit Tour is the most popular tour, that takes riders through Hope Valley and even by old cabins built by early settlers. The Ultimate Tour is also 2 hours long and takes you deep in the rugged Sierra Nevada above Hope Valley. Lake Tahoe Adventures also offers exclusive tours for those looking for a more private ride.

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